Marci-Pack-Leader-photoMarci Flahiff, Pack Leader

Before starting All Pets, Marci had 20 years of work experience in the pet industry. She has a degree in animal science and loves to help others with their animals, always giving advice and support. She started All Pets in hopes of being able to provide pet owners much needed peace of mind when they need to be away.

Marci was born and raised in Arizona and has a 26-year old son, Nick. Her passion for animals has always been apparent, taking in the strays and unwanted animals of the neighborhood. She has taken care of cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, birds, lizards, frogs, turtles, tortoises, salamanders, snakes, tarantulas, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Marci is never without animals in her home, because without them, it’s just not a home.♥

The Pack

Hi, I’m Tito. My mom thinks that she is the leader of “the pack,” but that’s really me. Let’s be honest, she feeds us, clips our nails, takes care of our medical needs, and even cleans up our….well, you know. In any case, I’ve been around the longest, which means I’m in charge. My mom rescued me and my brother, Mikey, in 2010. Unfortunately, we recently lost my brother to an unexpected health issue. It’s a good thing for me I have a big family! My sister Gracie was another rescue who joined us in February of 2011. Then came Molly. I still remember what a pain she was. I get that humans like puppies, but I personally found her quite annoying—always running, jumping, barking and trying to play with me. Luckily, she’s matured and understands to give me space these days. Baily joined our family in 2015. I suppose my mom was looking for a balance of cats and dogs, so that was ok. Earlier in 2016, my mom brought home a new brother and sister for me. Winston and Zoey are pretty cool. While they’re kittens with a bit more energy than me, they’re at least cats, which I can appreciate. Outside, we have three tortoises that have the run of the yard. Mom fixed it up real nice for them. All in all, we all love living with our mom. She gives us so much love, affection, and so many toys to play with, and at night a comfy bed to sleep in…right next to her most of the time. Trust me when I say that your pets will be in great hands when our mom watches them.

Keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe!